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The advantages of listing your ad with the IREA-AII are several, from having over a 1million potential clients seeing your house for sale to actually selling it, not only will you be able to advertise, one of the main characteristics of this services online will be, the fact that the ads come from everywhere, you might have your real estate in Asia, Australia, London, it will make absolutely no difference at all, since our Europe real estate directory covers all basics.

The franchise business on the Internet has grown in the last decade; the America real directory, Asian directory, European one, all have one thing in common, the IREA Group, our drive is to make the ad for your property for sale be the best, be the first choice, and that it can be seen by potential clients no matter where they are or what language they speak.

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Important elements when choosing an apartment building

Choosing a place to live may be a tough decision whether you buy  in a villa in Marbella or an apartment. Each one has different amenities and characteristics that you can easily see in the Marbella Real Estate site due to the great photos they have there. Once you narrow your options, you should choose among them comparing the buildings where the apartments are. Sometimes, de buildings can be impossible to live in even if the apartment inside is perfect. That’s why there are some aspects you need to keep in mind. Continue Reading

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